It’s no secret that the colours in your home significantly affect your mood and thoughts. Choosing your wall colours wisely is essential as they set the vibe of your home.

Are you overwhelmed about choosing colours from a colour catalogue for your new home? A pro tip that most interior designers swear by is to first choose a colour palette for your entire home. Selecting a colour palette for your home helps you narrow down your options and allows you to choose hues which look cohesive together.

  1. Earthy tones 

You might think that earthy tones would make your home look dull. However, that couldn’t be more wrong. Earthy tones instantly make your space look elegant, warm and inviting. A gorgeous colour palette that you can consider using for your home consists of grey, dark green, black and brown. You can consider using grey for the walls, dark green for a feature wall and use pops of black and brown in your furniture and other décor elements.

This colour palette is great for people who want their home to have a rustic and cabin style vibe. A pro design tip is to add a few indoor plants and introduce metallic hues in your home to further accentuate the décor of your home.

  1. Blue

People who are on the hunt for a calming colour scheme from the colour catalogue can consider going for a colour palette which has different shades of blue. We are talking about pale blue, sky blue, navy blue, steel blue and other refreshing hues of blue.

Make sure that you don’t settle for the same shade of blue throughout the house and opt for décor elements in different tones of blue. If you feel that the blue is overwhelming you, you can break the blues by introducing pops of neutral colours like black, brown and white into the space.

  1. Scandinavian inspired 

The Scandinavian houses scream minimalism and elegance. A Scandinavian inspired colour palette is all about going minimalistic and choosing neutral hues for your space. A major advantage of using this colour palette in your space is that it serves as a perfect backdrop if you have statement furniture pieces and eclectic artwork in your home. The colours in this palette include grey, white, beige and some soft pastel hues.

Typically, you can consider going for white walls and keep your flooring light just like the Scandinavians. Fresh botanicals are an essential décor element in most Scandinavian houses, so don’t forget to add a few indoor plants into your space. You can consider using grey and beige for your furniture pieces like your couches, dining table, coffee table and bookshelves.

  1. Statement Red

Are you looking for a colour palette from the colour catalogue that screams fun, energy and warmth? If yes, then go for a red, white and grey colour scheme for your home. This colour palette is so versatile that you can use it for almost any room from your living room, dining room, or bedroom to your kitchen and bathroom.

People who are sceptical to paint their walls red, can go for white walls and use pops of red through their furniture pieces, rugs, linen, artwork, books and flowers.

Pay attention to the colours which spark joy in you and consider using those paints for home in 2022. You can also consider observing your wardrobe and noting down the colours that you naturally gravitate towards. Ask yourself whether you want to go for warm tones which generally represent optimism, happiness and comfort or cool tones which scream tranquillity, calmness and peace.

So, which of these paints for home are you most excited to try in 2022? Are you still confused about which colours to use for your space? Get in touch with the folks at Asian Paints and let them help you decide the perfect hues for your sanctuary.