An end table is an essential part of any bedroom, living room or other room in the house. With chic materials such as ash, reclaimed wood, stainless steel, or lacquer, our end tables are sure to bring a new look into your living space. End tables with different compartments offer the best functionality for your living place. They are excellent space savers but they have the tendency to be ignored in any decorating scheme. Their primary role is to serve as a spot for your keys, phone, and other necessary items accessible but you can be more creative with the stuff you can put inside there. Here are the essential items you should have on your bedside table: 

  1. Alarm clock

There are various types of alarm clocks available in the market, but the issue is using it. Now-a-days people use their mobile phones to wake them up in the morning so that they can avoid setting their alarm clock. Having a separate alarm clock with a singular function is going to make you more likely to wake up and not just snooze.

  1. Reading lamp

Reading is an exercise that keeps your brain healthy. Incorporating a few minutes of reading time before sleep can be very beneficial for you. Not to mention a reading lamp gives a stylish touch to any room, grab a lamp with polystone and wood base, and an adjustable arm. Functional yet elegant.

  1. Gun Safe

A small gun safe is ideal to keep under a desk or in another part of your home or office, giving you a quick access point for your gun without compromising home security. Get one with a durable steel construction providing security from fire and theft, while the biometric fingerprint scanner allows quick and quiet access to your guns.

  1. Pen and Notepad

Bring your thoughts to life with a pen and notepad, designed to help you jot down ideas at a moment’s notice. Most ideas come to you when you’re relaxed and having a notepad near you is very convenient when this happens. Ever had an interesting dream just to forget it right after waking up? Well, that won’t be much of a problem anymore, since you can just jot what went down right when you open your eyes.

  1. Snacks

For people who are busy and always on the go, they sometimes forget to eat full meals. Having a snack in your room will save you time. For a late-night snack, you might not want to get up and whip something up in the kitchen.