Human Terramation is a new norm that is yet to be adopted by most people. It might sound expensive or too scary to try. Well, this should be it because human terramation has brought about a new ray of light by the benefits you stand to gain from it.

Human terramation is more than a composting procedure to source nutrients. It is safe, an alternative way to say goodbye to loved ones, an opportunity to recycle inorganic materials, pocket-friendly t, and a way to give back to the community.

Below is a summary that will attest to that.

Benefits of Human Terramation

  • Pocket-friendly

As compared to traditional burial services, terramation services are relatively cheap. Traditionally, you will need to organize and fund the occasion on a heavy budget. Terramation relieves you from those duties. All you have to worry about is your immediate family members and close friends who will attend with you the fare well services at the funeral home chapel before terramation.

  • As a chance to recycle inorganic materials

During the terramation process, the third phase is the curing stage. This phase is between the second and third weeks after the terramation takes off. During this time, the body has already broken down by the end of week four, leaving only the inorganic materials. These materials include hip implants, stents and screws, which can be recycled.

  • As a way to give back to the community after the death

As it is, some people leave instruction as their final wish to give back to the community before they depart from us. In most cases, such wishes include donating body parts and personal belongings to those in need. Things have slightly changed where such last wish might include terramation and the soil donated to the people of choice. The soil from terramation can be used to plant various plants, such as making a flower bed or planting a special tree in memory of the deceased.

  • A safer option to lay our loved ones to rest

Compared to other funnels of laying to rest our loved ones, terramation is a safe way to do it. After cremation, you may request for the ash in a vessel to take with you. If not careful with it, it might fall into the hands of toddlers and be harmful. Again, in a traditionally set up where a grave pit is dug for the coffin, it could lead to accidents if not carefully observed. On the other hand, terramation is not only safe for you but also for your kids since a large part of the process is handled by professionals.

  • Giving last respect in style

You do not have to feel frustrated just because your maternal home is miles away and you cannot afford to transport your loved one back to your ancestors. Your conscious might also disagree with you criminating your loved one. Another option available for you to say goodbye to your loved ones is human terremation.

Final words

Terramation is not only a source of nutrients to enrich the soil. You can significantly benefit from this revolutionary style of sending off your loved ones. It is a chance for you to fulfil their special request, ease your struggle, give them a befitting burial, reduce your pain, and cut off the final budget’s cost. It’s convenient and efficient. Human terramation is the way to go.