There is a lot of information available about home renovations and flipping a property to make some quick money. But not so much about pools. Swimming pools can get old and outdated, just like anything else. And an old-looking pool might be a red flag to a potential buyer. At the same time, a modern and beautiful pool can become one of the property’s main selling points. There are many things that you can do to improve the look and appeal of a swimming pool.

  • Regulations: Before you spend any money, it would be good to familiarize yourself with the local regulations regarding pools. There may be reasons the pool is designed as it is. Also, you will need to get your pool recertified after you change it. You can arrange pool certification Kings Langley via an Internet search.
  • Change the Tiles. It cannot be overstated that the choice of tiles makes or breaks the pool. It might seem like a big expense, but there is no substitute for the potential wow factor. Do your research and find a stunning look, and then search for a tradesman that can make it happen. It is very likely that if the pool is showing its age, the grout is already decomposing. So, retiling will take care of that problem too.
  • Change to Perimeter: The area around the pool, often called the coping, is the frame in which the pool sits. Frames can be important. Have a look around and see what solutions other people have tried. You might also want to add some decorative features or change the whole decking area to something more upscale and elegant.
  • Change the Pool Type: Traditional chlorine pools require harsh chemicals, and they can be uncomfortable to swim in, making your eyes hurt and degrading the pool and pool toys through bleaching. There has been a lot of advancement in chlorination systems. You might consider a saltwater system that creates its own chlorine or an ozone generator which is even gentler on the eyes and skin. Another modern option that keeps the maintenance down is adding UV light to the filtration; UV light effectively kills biologicals without adding chemicals. Combine UV with a modern system and you should have crystal clear water that feels fresh and natural.

You could also consider relandscaping to make the pool into the feature instead of an afterthought. There is no reason why the ugly ’80s looking pool, cannot be transformed into the beautiful feature that creates buzz about the home.