If you are soon to be finishing your 12 years of formal education, your thoughts will be turning to further education and, of course, a career. Wherever you reside in the world, the most important language is most definitely English, and any Bachelor Degree course should incorporate the international language, which will empower you to seek a good job and communicate effectively in English.

Incorporating UK Universities

There are special degree courses, and with an English language international course (known as เรียนอินเตอร์หลักสูตรอังกฤษ in Thai), you would study for a total of 3 years, with 12 months studying at a top UK university of your choosing. This one-year period living and studying in the United Kingdom would help you to develop a competent command of English, which will stand you in good stead when you embark on your search for a career.

Wide Range of Courses

If you study a 3-year international course, the following courses are offered:

  • Business Management
  • Online Marketing Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Tourism and Hotel Management

The above are just some of the international courses available and part of the course is spending 12 months at a UK university of your choosing.

Critical Thinking Skills

The system of Education in the UK is believed to be one of the best in the world and studying in the UK would develop essential skills such as critical thinking and creativity, with project-based learning that simulates real-life problems and with teamwork and a joint goal, you will develop in many ways that will aid you during your career.

Using the English Language

Ask any language expert and they will confirm that in order to become fluent in any second language, you must use the language on a daily basis and this is what lets down a lot of English language students, as classroom instruction is not sufficient. When you enrol in a 3-year degree program that includes a one-year stint at a top UK university, and while in the UK, you would stay with an English family, and this will develop your language skills.

Sourcing the Right International Program

If you would like to know more about international Bachelor Degree programs, the best place to start would be an online search, which would bring up a list of colleges that offer international programs. Then you can browse the websites and read all about their courses and the ones that seem the most interesting warrant a visit to the college in question, where you can talk to the college principal.

Boost your Career Opportunities

When you study a 3-year Bachelor Degree Program that has an international flavour, you will spend one year living and studying at a top UK university and this will improve your English language skills to such a degree that you will have a distinct advantage when looking for your first job. Employers are looking for candidates with a good command of the English language, and if you have a BA from a leading UK university, this will certainly improve your chances of landing a top position.

Look into a 3-year international study program and boost your career opportunities.