Thailand has much more to offer than beautiful beaches, delicious food, and smiling, friendly people, as it is also an excellent destination to go shopping. You can consider buying various products while in Thailand, such as Thai herbal shampoo, essential oils, designer clothing, and much more besides. Below are some of the products you may want to consider buying when on holiday in Thailand and taking them home with you.

Cosmetics & Beauty Products

There is an abundance of cosmetics and beauty products you can buy in Thailand, with many high-quality options available. You will also notice that they are highly affordable and often much cheaper than back in your home country. Make sure you leave plenty of room in your suitcase so you can stock up on everything you need for your beauty regime and save yourself some money buying it in Thailand when on holiday there.

Exquisite Silver Jewellery

Thailand is also well known for its high-quality handmade silver jewellery and is a global trading centre for finished jewellery. You can get some excellent bargains from the independent jewellery stores, and you can also enjoy saving 7% on the purchase price by claiming back the VAT before leaving to head home. You can click here to find out more information about this scheme and how you can claim back the VAT.

Designer Clothes

You will also find lots of designer clothes available when you go shopping in Thailand, so you may want to make some additions to your wardrobe. You will find all the best-loved fashion labels available in Thailand, and there are many excellent shopping malls where you can shop in the comfort of air conditioning. Whether you are looking for a new pair of shoes, a designer handbag, or some stylish sunglasses, there is something for everyone when shopping for clothes in Thailand, all at affordable prices.

Ingredients For Cooking

If you love to cook and love Thai cuisine, you may want to go shopping for essential supplies so you can cook authentic Thai food when you get home. You will not want to buy fresh ingredients such as meat or vegetables, but you can get the spices and other dry ingredients needed to make your favourite Thai dishes. You will be able to cook delicious Thai food at home that will remind you of your adventures in the Land of Smiles and may make you keen to return for another holiday in beautiful tropical Thailand.