Being a world-renowned destination for its idyllic beaches, the south of Australia can get easily overwhelmed. Certain areas are avoided by locals during the summer season because it is known that they will be filled with activity and tourists. While this has its own advantages, many will want to surf and bathe without the commotion. In such scenarios, locals (and those in the know) will head to lesser-known beaches instead.

If you’re looking for a more intimate beach experience this summer, one that steers clear of the crowds, then we have five beaches that might be of interest to you.

Pondalowie Bay

Unless you’re an avid dolphin spotter, it’s unlikely you will have heard of Pondalowie Bay, which is celebrated largely as a location for seeing dolphins, seals, and even sea lions. The beach, however, is also an ideal location for swimmers and paddleboarders alike and can be found at the tip of the Yorke Peninsula within the Innes National Park.

While it is quite an excursion to get to the bay, once you’re there, you’re likely to have entire strips of white sands and crashing waves all to yourself, except, that is, for the occasional visiting dolphin.

Sellicks Beach

Found near Adelaide, but suitably away from the hubbub, Sellicks Beach is a location known among surfing and fishing communities. Vehicle access is possible but occasionally limited. However, those who are willing to travel to the sands will be rewarded with one of the most stunning vistas in South Australia, with clear waters that sit against the hills.

Paddleboarders also value the area as the quiet waters mean more freedom to explore the coast without interruption, with plenty of opportunity to relax and even practice yoga on the water too.

Coffin Bay

Tucked alongside breathtaking cliffs, Coffin Bay National Park is home to pristine beaches, with waves that are perfect for casual surfers who are looking to enjoy the water with few interruptions. Aside from curious kangaroos, it is unlikely that there will be any crowds, especially out of season. Additionally, with plenty of camping options, the bay is also an ideal location for a weekend getaway, one that will allow you to dip into the water and clamber over sandy dunes.

The national park also has a number of adventure tours and restaurants too, meaning that it can be an ideal destination for the entire family to enjoy.

Rapid Bay

Few places are more photogenic than Rapid Bay, which is found in Yankalilla. Its towering cliffs, iconic hills, and abundance of hidden coves make it an ideal location for those wanting to explore. Paddleboarders, kayakers, and swimmers alike will find endless options for private picnics, with each cliff having its own characterful hidden beach.

Those wanting to camp will also have plenty of options but be prepared to walk. Many beaches are only accessible on foot or on the water. If you want to take the caves and beaches in fully, then you’ll need to set aside the appropriate time too.