Now that you have moved into your new home, it is time to gather some housewarming gifts for all of your new neighbours. Let us be honest. Nobody needs any more surprise gifts; no one has room left in their home or patience for another thank-you card or bouquet.

The most important thing is to avoid housewarming gift sets that they will have to replace or throw away. When in doubt, try not giving anything that is completely new because it may just be something they already have.

Bold or subtle? Inclusive or personal? Is the host expecting a housewarming present from you, or is it appropriate to bring a token from your hometown?

It’s never easy thinking of something to bring when you’re invited to somebody’s house. So here are some gift ideas that will please just about anyone:

  1. A flask with your name and town on it for the most adventurous hosts.

It’s not just about the booze, but they will appreciate that too.

  1. A holder for your pen, pencils or scissors.

These things can get lost in a drawer. Instead, bring something with a little extra flair to add to the decor.

  1. A candle holder that looks like a bottle of wine [or champagne] in a glass

They might even have to refill it when it gets empty! Trust us, they’re going to love how creative you are.

  1. A book about food

If you’ve got a cookbook on any of the following: cheese, scones, wine or coffee – bring it!

  1. A bottle of your home-canned pickles or jams (yummy!)

They’ll love you long after they’re gone. So don’t forget to prepare a sandwich with them!

  1. A bottle of vinegar/oil or honey that is local to you

Gift them the story of your hometown and how it’s made. They’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and recipes that come with it.

  1. Something homemade

Whether it’s a candle, some drawings, or a pot of your famous chilli – the host will appreciate anything you’ve created with your own hands.

  1. Bath salt & bubble bath

A gift set of their favourite scent takes time to make. But, they’ll adore your thoughtfulness, no matter what it is!

  1. A book of your favourite poems (you don’t have to be famous – they just have to be good).

Maybe even a CD of your preferred music, or an album by a local band. You can’t go wrong with anything that reminds them of you.

  1. Homemade soap making [with top choice essential oils]

You can make a bar of any kind (with or without palm oil) and wrap it in their favourite fabric or newspaper.

  1. Something useful to the host

Like a rolling pin or some scrap wood to build furniture with, or even a hot glue gun if they need it, anything handmade might be useful!

  1. Food-based gifts

If you know the person who invited you has specific dietary restrictions, bring something delicious and healthy for them.

  1. A cute card that includes a recipe for the host or the whole family

Even though they probably already have everything they need in the kitchen, you don’t want to be one of those who brings “leftovers” and makes everybody sick.

  1. A new set of dishes with a message on them [or just some fun pictures]

This is a great gift that never fails. Trust us. The host will love it.

  1. Bring them flowers!

The more, the better! They might even have some on the table already. You can send flowers, or if you want to make an extra special effort, bring some of your own and plant them in a pretty vase somewhere in the house.


It feels good to give a unique and thoughtful gift, and with our ideas on this list, you’re sure to land on the right one!

When you get invited to someone’s house for a party, it can be nerve-wracking trying to come up with a gift. Read this article for some great ideas to consider.