A spa offers a relaxing and peaceful solution for relieving joint pain and recovering from injury. Therefore, you need to make sure that your spa is well equipped and that you use the right chemicals for keeping it clean.

Getting Familiar with Your Spa and its Accessories

You should also have your spa cleaned regularly to ensure that your spa’s use is pleasant and beneficial. When you get to know your spa, you will find out more about what chemicals and cleaners to use and what you need to buy in spare parts. You will also receive recommendations if you obtain spa supplies in the UK from a hot tub-based retailer.

Reflexology Jet Spas: How They Provide Added Benefits

One of the accessories that you will need for your spa is reflexology spa jets. Reflexology itself is based on an ancient health practice where pressure is applied to the feet and hands. This type of pressure promotes blood flow and stimulates certain parts of the body. It also helps with muscular functioning.

When you add massage jets that support reflexology to a hot tub, you can gain full benefits from the spa experience. That is why massage jets are often used by athletes who are recuperating from injury or are preparing for a sports event. They also are used by ordinary people who wish to relieve lower back pain, neck pain, and other pains that affect the soft tissues of the body.

Reflex Points Are Located on the Feet

Both water and the jets deliver better health to the recipient. When this type of massage is initiated, it covers certain reflex points such as the tip of the big toe. In reflexology, this area is attributed to the functionality of the head or brain. Therefore, people who have massage jets in their hot tubs suffer less from headaches and migraines.

Improve Lung and Heart Health: Direct Massaging Waters to the Balls of the Feet

Jets also target the ball of the foot. In reflexology, this part of the body covers the health of the lungs and heart. When the balls of the feet are massaged, people suffer less from heart problems or respiratory distress.

Detox Your Body by Using Water Reflexology

Reflexology jets also target the centre of the foot, or the arch. This part of the body is related to the health of the kidney, pancreas, or liver. If you want to release toxins from the body, you will do so when jets direct massaging water to the arches.

Make it Easier to Move Around

Maybe your back, hips, knees, and ankles are sore and uncomfortable. If so, you can use reflexology massages by directing water jets to the heel. The instep is the area of the body that assists in rejuvenating the spinal area.

Foot massage jets that are used for reflexology purposes are installed on the hot tub’s base or on the loungers. You can find spas with these jets for sale or you can also add them. Check with your local hot tub water supplier today. This is a unique way to ensure your health and well-being.