In order to reduce your stress and save part of your time when choosing an electric silent inverter generator, we have conducted a research in the market for the highest quality inverter generator models. It must be taken into account that this type of generators is characterized by an electrical generation without fluctuations in voltage. First of all, the Briggs & Stratton 30698 model has a compact design but at the same time it is powerful, reaching 2200 W at start-up and 1700 W when running, with a 3.8-liter tank for fuel that allows autonomy of 8 hours with only 25% charge. On the other hand, the Altima AY2000i model it has an original 4-stroke 4 MZ80 engine with which it can reach a power of 2,000 watts and advanced inverter technology.

What is the best silent inverter generator of 2020?

Electric energy is of great importance in the current dynamics of society. People spend all day connected to devices that need power to function. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the supply can present failures, but that no longer represents a problem because fortunately there are electric generators that allow us to enjoy the service without interruptions.

This wonderful machine converts thermal energy, from fuel such as gasoline or diesel, into mechanical energy to facilitate a continuous flow of electricity service. Thanks to these electric generators, our home will always have current, despite network failures, low voltage or in the event of some natural phenomenon that causes blackouts.

With technological evolution, silent inverter generator was manufactured, characterized by an electricity generation without fluctuations in voltage that could damage your electrical appliances. This time we will focus on this type of generators in order for you to know their characteristics and have at hand a comparison of the best models offered by the market for this 2020.

What should you know before purchasing an electric generator converter? First, take into account the type of fuel it needs to function, since they can be obtained from gasoline or diesel. You need to know that diesel ones work continuously for up to months, unlike gasoline ones, which work for a few hours.

They can also be stationary or portable. Laptops offer less small load, are more popular for home use because they hold essential appliances, and because they take up little space and can be moved around. Instead, fixed ones are ideally used in places where there is no constant electrical flow and need a high load. With respect to the engine, there are 2-stroke (cheaper, more autonomous and less fuel consumption, but more noise) and 4-stroke (silent and durable, but more expensive).


Although it may seem that design is less important, in the case of portable generators their size and weight have a considerable influence on practicality. In this case, the Briggs & Stratton 30698 is compact and lighter than other similar devices. It measures 52 x 35 x 43 cm and weighs 24 kg, so you can easily store it when not in use and it does not take up too much space in the car.

It has easy access to the fuel refill on top, as well as a handle for easy portability from one site to another. As if that were not enough, it has a rotary power button that is easy to operate without making any physical effort.