Is the Onewheel really worth $1,800


Everybody has a different set of values when it comes down to the things they are happy spending their money on. The $1,800 a college student spends on a computer is different from the $1,800 he or she pays for a home. However, there are some items that can easily earn their prices like a gaming console that is used for a lot or a mountain bike that is used for a lot. How does the Onewheel fit in that range? And is it worth the cost?

The Onewheel is now a vehicle. The Onewheel is essentially a combination of a moped, motorcycle, and car. This is a novel and exciting way of getting to work. The OW not only takes you from A to B smoothly, but it also offers an amazing riding experience that is similar to longboarding and snowboarding. It’s enough to make a rainy morning brighter by riding the water-drenched roads past bumper-to-bumper traffic to get to work. The OW is also very simple to maintain. This means that the OW requires very little maintenance and can be changed quickly.

 The Onewheel can travel significant distances on just electricity

Riders can travel between 12-18 miles per fully charged OW+XR – a 40-minute charge after it is fully drained. The OW+XR battery will save you money over time if you add up all the miles you drive each year and the cost of a bus pass. You will get a lot of use out of the 63V battery. It seems like local transport is covered for quite some time.

Cost of gas for 1,000 miles: $127. Assuming $3.00 per gallon, 23.6 mpg (both averages in the USA), calculate your cost to drive your car using local gas prices and your vehicle’s costs.

Onewheel Cost per 1,000 Miles: No Charge, but you might need new tires and a footpad.

As of 12/19/2018, Rider Mekekgul (Spanish) has logged more than 13,000 miles on his original Onewheel.

The Onewheel actually saves the environment

A OW is an environmentally friendly option that can be easily returned if you are concerned about the environment. It emits no exhaust fumes because it is electrically powered. Also, its parts can be recycled which is a huge plus.

The Onewheel has a lot of versatility

The OW serves many purposes. It can be used as a vehicle, a board sport or as a way to accomplish more tasks. This includes transporting your Christmas tree to its destination, riding to the beach, and carrying your tent over hills to camp. Efficiency is where the OW really can prove its worth.

Onewheel is an engineering marvel

The Onewheel + XR battery is an expensive piece of equipment. There have been significant improvements to it, from the 48V lithium nano phosphate battery to the 63V Nickel Manganese Cobalt oxide battery. This resulted in a noticeable improvement in performance.

This translates into a higher price range. The OW+ XR boasts a 50W motor with a larger diameter axle and a higher torque. When you add in the other high-performance, high-value parts (foot sensors, battery, etc.), it becomes clear that the price reflects its quality.

You have complete control over the Onewheel software!

Next comes digital shaping 2.0 technology, which is the Onewheel mobile application. This app has been created with all the testing and development that went into it. Technology and time are not cheap to work together.

 The Onewheel is a great way to get energized and fresh.

It is worth much more than its cost if you look at it from a different perspective. Consider how exhilarated it is to arrive at work fresh after a long commute. This is better than being sweaty and having to take a shower after cycling. Your day can be arranged with OW rides in the morning and evening. This will ensure that you have something to look forward to, no matter how difficult it is. The OW emits no sound so riders can speed assassins silently. This means you can carve roads and crush hills without a motor noise clogging up your sound waves. A OW can mimic all of the sports that you love, without affecting the environment around them. This is a huge advantage for anyone who loves board sport.

The Onewheel is worth $1800

The Onewheel is a versatile board with many more functions yet to be discovered. The Onewheel is a unique vehicle that allows riders to commute long distances while knowing they have the option to veer off and conquer some challenging terrains. Riders have confirmed that the Onewheel is safe. Knowing that it also has safety features that work is another plus. You’ll need some knowledge about how to dress a Onewheel. Mods will also be required. The OW+XR is a great value for money if you consider it in isolation.

It is clear that the OW is well worth the cost, considering the miles you can cover each day, the low maintenance costs, the innovative design, and the eco-friendly nature of the board.

This post was written by Aaron McClearnon, Owner of Elite Watersports. At Elite Watersports, We strive to provide exceptional service and genuine interactions with those interested in One Wheel St. Petersburg Florida. We hold dear our passion for being out on the water and maintain this as our foundation for all business practices.

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