Many people believe that a blocked drain can be fixed by a plumber. Although this is true, most plumbers don’t work with septic systems. This is a different trade. Although most plumbers are competent in the operation of septic tanks they don’t have the ability to pump them out. To pump them out, you will need a tanker truck with a CDL permit. A clogged drain can be confused with a full septic tank. First, check your water bill to see if you have a blocked drain. It is possible to be on city water but still have a septic tank. Check your water bill to see whether you are being charged for sewer and water. You don’t need a septic system if you are charged both. A septic tank is one that only charges water. You can ask a Tampa plumber to inspect your water bill if you’re not sure. Do not assume that you are connected to the city sewer. This can lead to big financial consequences. What is the deal? If you tell your plumber that you don’t have septic, they will run the cable and snake the drain without checking the length. It is crucial to do this because too much cable can get caught in the septic tank and cause major problems for both you and your plumber. It is important to understand the type of system that you have. You can ask your plumber if you are not sure. He should be able to help you. Clog Kings is the best choice for plumbing services. Call us today!

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