Making the Right Choice of International School in Bangkok


In search of an international school in Bangkok, you will be presented with a wide variety of offerings so, it will be more like a ‘make your mind up’ exercise rather than a long and drawn-out search. Making the right choice is subjective and will be based upon your personal needs and requirements for your children and yourselves as parents.

You will likely want to consider the following features of the schools you are looking into;


Each school has a different history that will have formed the school into what you see today. The history behind each of the schools will have a direct impact on their ethos, rules and beliefs so you want to do a bit of research into each school as early as possible.

Some of the international schools in Bangkok have been in operation for decades, which could mean that they have a better level of experience, whereas others are reasonably new which may mean that they have a more modern outlook and approach to teaching and learning.

Faculty and staff

The school will only be as good as the teachers that work there and the support that the teachers receive from the different departments and heads of. With the correct attitude, anything is possible and the right teachers or staff can turn a mediocre school into a good one and vice versa.

Depending on which type of school you decide to choose will determine which subjects the schools offer and what areas of specialty the teachers have to offer, getting to know what subjects are covered and a bit about the teachers and departments that they work within would be useful.

Campus and facilities

Each school has its own set of facilities, but what distinguishes them are the communities that have grown up around them. You can see the schools come alive through activities, sports, groups, class and team projects, and the facilities are the tools that students can utilize to attain their academic goals.

You will see a host of facilities available ranging from Football fields, open green social areas, badminton courts, assembly halls, varied canteens that offer international foods, science labs, basketball courts, swimming pools, music classes, computer labs and many more.

Age groups

Considering that your entire life has most likely been turned upside down the last thing you or your children need is to be moving school every time they reach a certain age. Fortunately, the best international schools cater for all age groups, meaning that your child or children will have as little disruption as possible in terms of having to move schools and start again, again.

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