If you run an oil heating system, your tank is a critical component and one that needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Regardless of its size, the tank accumulates residue over time and when almost empty, that is the best time to have it cleaned.

Checking for leaks

This is supposed to be done at every service interval, when the engineer closely inspects the tank and all the connections, looking for leaks and any sign of corrosion. There are affordable oil tank services in Yeovil from an established local company and they really know their stuff as far as oil tanks are concerned.

Tank cleaning and flushing

Ideally, the oil tank should be cleaned out and flushed every year; water condenses inside the tank and as water and oil do not mix, the water sits under the oil and this water can cause rust. The only way to remove it is to call in a tank cleaning specialist who will clean out the tank and remove all traces of water.

Ground clearance

The site should be cleared of any obstructions, grass and weeds need to be removed if it is an outdoor tank and the exterior tank surfaces are inspected carefully for signs of corrosion. There is an obvious environmental risk when storing oil in a tank and it is very important to check the tank’s integrity every few months.

If your oil tank hasn’t been inspected for a while, call your local tank cleaning specialist and ask them to pay you a visit.