Even if the price of petrol has increased to quite an extent, there is no denial of the fact that demand for cars is still high. In today’s time, a car is not just a luxury but a basic necessity of life which is why there are so many people who have been buying it irrespective of the increased price. But unfortunately, some families cannot afford it and still search for tips on how to get a free car. Some good people in the world consider giving their car to the family in need instead of throwing it in scrap. For this, they use the medium of car charity donation.

Know more about the car charity donation

Whether the person is looking forward to buying a car or donating one; charity donation is the best platform. While many people are still in doubt on how to get a free car through charity, some are still not sure whether it is a reliable option or not. Well, charity donation of cars is a good cause and many genuine people give their car to the families or people who need it.

Quick facts to know about charity donation

Charitable car donations are legal

There is no doubt that there are many dishonest people who have been doing fraud. This is the main reason why people doubt while trusting the car donation industry. But such charity if is opted through a reputable organization is one efficient way to do the right cause. There are so many non-profit organizations that accept car donations and have also been in this industry for quite some time.

The process is hassle-free

Many people are in a misconception that charity donation could be the time taking process. But the fact is, if all the information that is required is fulfilled by the owner then the vehicle gets picked within 24 hours. The process is quite simple and the person can be fill-up the form online to further send the details of the vehicle. Once the form gets approved, the owner will be asked to schedule the pickup as per convenience. Post this the vehicle will be towed by the experts without charging anything extra.

Less paperwork

Even if different states have certain documents requirement but in most cases individual titles for the car are important. If there is no title then the local DMV can help to get one. Otherwise, the VIN of the car is needed which is also considered to be the title number that is found on the registration card. This means paperwork can be avoided.


With the above quick facts listed it probably should not be challenging for the person to understand that charity donation of a car is a reliable approach. However, it is important to make sure the charity program that is being organized holds a good reputation. It is a win-win situation for the one who donates it since there are tax benefits and for the one who has been searching on how to get a free car since there are monetary benefits like avoiding expensive car repairs, no registration cost, or insurance expense.