When you want to make your jewellery store a resounding success, you will need to ensure that you have the best quality products available at a reasonable price. It pays to shop around for a good supplier, and some countries are better for silver jewellery than others. Below you will find some of the best destinations in the world to source high-quality silver jewellery that your customers will love and that can make you a profit.


Thailand is known worldwide for the high-quality 925 sterling silver wholesale jewelry that is available to buy. Many highly skilled Thai artisans pay attention to detail and create beautiful handmade jewellery at incredibly affordable prices. You will want to visit some of the many jewellery studios throughout the country to find a reputable supplier, and you can also enjoy a holiday while you are there.


France is a country that has been synonymous with high-quality jewellery for many years, no matter whether it is made from gold, silver or any other precious metal. France has been producing exquisitely beautiful jewellery for hundreds of years and has many skilled artisans making their designs by hand. You will pay more for silver jewellery in France when compared to Thailand, but f you are in Europe, your travel costs will offset the price increase.


America is another country that is famous for some of the elaborate and beautiful jewellery it produces, with thousands of reputable jewellery designers and studios throughout the country. You will also not have a language barrier to work through, so it can also be an easier option when looking to source a reputable supplier of silver jewellery. Delivery is often cheaper from the USA as well, and you can often receive packages within a couple of days so that you can get your new stock quickly.


Another country in Europe famous for its jewellery is Italy, which has had skilled craftsmen for hundreds of years creating many types of jewellery. In the middle ages, the Italians were famous for making beautiful and elaborate armour that uses some of the same jewellery-making skills. You can often find pieces of jewellery in Italy that you do not see anywhere else, and when you purchase in bulk, there are usually excellent discounts available.

Avoid purchasing mass-produced jewellery which is of a similar price but massively inferior, and you can ensure your customers keeping coming back for more whenever they want to treat themselves to something bright and shiny