In modern homes, modular kitchens have become extremely popular. Most homeowners prefer modular kitchens over traditional kitchen designs. This is because modular kitchens are more functional and appear aesthetically appealing. These kitchen designs are highly durable, resistant to rust, easy to maintain, and offer more storage space. Also, they make use of space very efficiently and hence, are ideal for small home designs. Given the number of options available in the market, you can easily give your kitchen design idea any look and feel you want. However, you have to keep in mind that a modular kitchen design requires various accessories and appliances. Without these accessories and appliances, your modular kitchen design will be incomplete. If you are not aware of the various appliances and accessories required in your modular kitchen design, mentioned below are a few:

01 of 06 A cutlery organiser

Keeping your cutlery in an organised manner can be difficult. If you keep all of them in a drawer, it will get very cluttered and you will find difficulty in finding something, especially while cooking. It can lead to various problems. For instance, if you experience difficulty in finding a spatula in the drawer while cooking, the food can get burnt or you may get distracted and that can lead to accidents. This is why experts suggest opting for a cutlery organiser. Cutlery organisers have built-in partitions of different shapes and sizes that fit in drawers and allow you to store all the cutlery in one drawer separately so that you can easily access everything when required. These organisers are designed to accommodate all types of small items like forks, spoons, tongs, spatulas, etc. Make sure that the cutlery organiser is located close to the hob so that you can easily access it when required.

02 of 06 Bring in a tall unit

A tall unit is a great addition to your kitchen design. These are perfect for creating additional storage in your kitchen. Depending on your needs, you can store almost anything in it. From groceries, non-perishable ingredients to cookware and utensils, you can store almost anything in a tall unit. Moreover, tall units are available in many designs and styles. Hence, installing one will not only increase the functionality of the kitchen but also enhance its aesthetic appeal. Choose one that complements the look of your kitchen interiors. For additional storage, you can opt for a tall unit that goes all the way to the ceiling from the floor. However, you must keep in mind that a tall unit can occupy a lot of space. If you have a very small kitchen, it is better to avoid one. Otherwise, the kitchen design can appear cluttered.

03 of 06 Get a few kitchen baskets

Do not want to go for complicated kitchen storage options? Well, you can consider opting for kitchen baskets. Using kitchen baskets will make storing your utensils, pots, pans, and jars very convenient. You can easily find them in different shapes and sizes. Choose baskets that are deep and shallow so that you can easily accommodate more items. People commonly create separate baskets for storing everything like a separate basket for storing cups and saucers, a separate one for utensils, etc. While storing items in your kitchen basket, you must keep in mind that every basket has a particular loading capacity and if you overload it with items, the basket can get damaged.

04 of 06 Creating corner storage solutions

The corners are the most difficult places of any room to design. Because of the space restrictions, many items do not fit in corners. As a result, the corners are often left empty. This should not be the case when designing your modular kitchen design. A modular kitchen always makes use of space efficiently and ensures that every corner has been put to good use. Opt for an L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen if you want easy access to the corners. Also, you can install corner storage units in your kitchen design idea. They fit in the corners perfectly and offer you plenty of storage space.

05 of 06 Install bottle pullouts

These storage options can fit into very narrow spaces and allow you to store various items. They generally have two or three shelves where you can store water bottles, cans, sauces, cooking oil, etc. You can easily access them whenever required. Also, since the items stay hidden, they help to reduce visual clutter.

06 of 06 Do not leave the space under the sink empty

There is a lot of empty space under the sink. In many kitchen designs, this space gets wasted. Instead of wasting this space in your modular kitchen, you should opt for an under-sink unit that will allow you to store various items like cleaning supplies.