It is that time of year again when fashion experts start making their summer predictions. This year’s predictions are being offered with a grain of salt, knowing that coronavirus has really upset the apple cart – especially for sunglasses. Sunglasses were significantly stunted in the summer of 2020 by our collective decision to stay indoors.

So what’s hot for 2021? No one is claiming a particular brand or style will dominate, but there are lots of contenders. Below are five possibilities compliments of Olympic Eyewear. As a Salt Lake City designer and distributor of wholesale sunglasses, Olympic produces more than two dozen brands.

1. Cat Eyes

It is surprising that cat eyes are even on the list. Yet it seems every seasonal change brings with it a prediction that cat eyes will be among the hottest trends. It stands to reason that this particular choice never really goes out of style. In fact, this is true. It has been fairly steady since the 1940s.

Nonetheless, experts are saying to expect cat eyes to explode yet again this summer. From the beaches of both coasts to the fashion districts of Los Angeles and New York, they say cat eyes will be everywhere.

2. Butterflies

In keeping with the animal theme, experts also suggest butterflies will be a hot commodity during the summer months. Just who will be wearing them isn’t as clear. Under normal circumstances, butterfly sunglasses are the stuff of teenage girls with an affinity for pink, powder blue, and unicorns. But who knows? There may be adults who appreciate the design as well.

3. Colorful Acrylic Plastic

Also known as plexiglass, acrylic plastic could be a big thing over the next several months. Acrylic plastic can be tinted with color, giving it a semitransparent look that seems to glow in the sunlight. Both yellow and mint green work very well for this sort of thing.

It stands to reason that people would want more color after the dreary summer that was 2020. Color, if for no other reason, makes you feel good about getting out and about. We all need that this year. Even if cat eyes and butterflies don’t sell all that well for summer 2021, it’s a safe bet that colorful acrylic plastic will.

4. Straight Brows

One of the more surprising predictions for summer 2021 is the emergence of straight brow sunglasses. Straight brows are just as their name suggests: they offer a straight profile across the top. From temple to temple is a flat line that covers both the eyebrows and the area in between. They would be an excellent choice for someone with an unattractive unibrow.

The only downside to straight brow sunglasses is that they look oversized even if they aren’t. That could present a look that suggests something is not quite right. Straight brows should be worn with the utmost caution.

5. Bedazzled

The hardest expert prediction to believe is the possibility of bedazzled sunglasses making a big splash in 2021. Bedazzled anything enjoys a very limited audience in the best of times. In the worst of times, bedazzling something is a recipe for financial and fashion disaster.

Nonetheless, there are some who insist that everyone will want bedazzled this summer. If that’s the case, the butterflies could do equally well. Maybe this is the year that otherwise sane adults take a trip back in time and embrace their prepubescent inner selves. We’ll have to wait and see.

That just about does it for this roundup of 2021 designer sunglasses. Whatever you choose to protect your eyes, make sure it’s a good pair.