Love – That’s a magical word. Each one of us wants love in one form or the other. Finding our true soulmate is a journey in itself, and many people end up ‘settling’ for someone they never wanted in the first place. The word ‘settle’ is a negative one in itself, because it means you are making peace with something less than what you would have wanted. With law of attraction, you can change that. In simple words, law of attraction refers to that power that unites similar energies. This could be attracting similar people, circumstances, and even ideas. Many websites, such as Do Law Of Attraction, have written numerous things, but in this post, we are discussing what it takes to accept this and find love and peace.

  1. Use your mind as the magnet

“I have dating & friendship apps. Why would I need the law of attraction?”

Let’s agree that technology has made it super easy to find people around. Setting up a date is about one swipe on the right. However, a photo or just one chat doesn’t say much about someone. With law of attraction, you are basically channelizing your mind towards the real person you are looking for. It goes beyond finding a soulmate. Yes, you can use law of attraction to find love, but you can use this as a tool to meet likeminded people.

  1. Accept yourself

We often end up accepting situations because we are desperate and are running on low confidence and self-esteem. To add to that, people are way too critical. If things don’t work their way, they often believe that they are to blame for all the miseries. To really use the law of attraction, you have to accept yourself and be okay with your own existence.

  1. Be grateful

Yes, you have to be grateful. Thank the people around you for what they have done for you, and this could refer to your parents, close relatives, friends, or probably the next-door neighbor. Being grateful for what you have makes you more positive and allows positive energies to move towards you.  You want the universe to know that your mind is strong and you have positivity in your heart.

  1. Believe in your own story

We are often disappointed with people and situations, because we always predicted things to end in a certain way. Who wouldn’t want a Disney ending? But that’s not how law of attraction works. For it to manifest in your life, you have to let go of judgement and believe in the fact that you can actually make things happen. Time and again, we have added how positive vibes are key to new opportunities.

  1. Imagine, imagine and imagine some more

No matter what you want in life – love, money, fame – you have to imagine those things in your head as real images, and the universe will direct the right energies. For something to be special, you have to first believe it to be special.

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