The radio broadcasting programs usually consist of journalism and communication. You must first be clear what you want to achieve and whether you have the capabilities to achieve your goal or not. If you want a career in radio broadcasting, you can choose between creative, technical or management side.

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Careers in radio broadcasting

The following are some options for those pursuing a career in radio broadcasting.

  • General Manager: The general manager is responsible for the overall performance of the radio station. It is a managerial position that requires administrative and accounting skills. They are in control of the whole functioning of the station.

Requirements: The requirements to become a general manager would be a bachelor’s degree in business and in some cases, even a master’s degree in business. They should have previous experience in the administrative and media field.

  • Programming Director: A programming director is responsible for developing programming content and handling radio promotion projects.

Requirements: The director would have to have a degree in communications specializing in media. Additional expertise in audio and video production would also be suitable.

  • Sales Manager: The sales manager helps generate revenue through advertising and promotions. They also promote the brand image of the station and the radio jockeys.

Requirements: Sales managers don’t necessarily have to have a college degree, but they must have the skill to promote and market the radio station’s brand. You can reach this position by working up from a junior sales associate.

  • Radio Engineers: The technical department in a radio station requires radio engineers. They maintain the digital equipment used in radio broadcasts.

Requirements: The radio engineers must have a 4-year bachelor’s degree in electrical or computer engineering. They must possess the knowledge required to aid the technicalities of radio broadcasting.

  • Radio Announcers: The on-air personalities such as radio jockeys are important to interact with the audience, report news, forecast weather and even play music. They provide general commentary and entertainment to the listeners.

Requirements: They require a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting or communications. They must possess the skills of communicating with the audience with a good voice and fluency.


The careers mentioned above are some options for people opting to join the radio broadcasting industry. This could be helpful in picking the right path suitable for them.