Month: August 2021

  • Is the Onewheel really worth $1,800

    Everybody has a different set of values when it comes down to the things they are happy spending their money on. The $1,800 a college student spends on a computer is different from the $1,800 he or

  • 5 Items You Must Have In Your Bedside Table

    An end table is an essential part of any bedroom, living room or other room in the house. With chic materials such as ash, reclaimed wood, stainless steel, or lacquer, our end tables are sure to

  • How to Get Asbestos Removed Safely

    Before you start demolishing a house or if you are planning on renovating it, it is necessary to get asbestos testing done for your own safety and good health. Although the use of asbestos has

  • Tips for Navigating Child Custody

    Child custody is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make. It's not easy to draw boundaries for an ex you once shared everything with, from your home to your children. It's even harder

  • 5 Design Tips For Non-Creative People

    If you are not a creative person, the idea of interior design can be a little overwhelming, especially when it’s your own home that you need to redesign. If you are not a very creative person, it

  • 3 Tips For Making Friends As An Older Adult

    While it seems like small children have a knack for making friends at the drop of a hat, many older adults feel that making new friends is one of the hardest things they can try to do. But if