Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is filled with a diverse culture, rich with fine dining and known for its vibrant social life. The UAE is vastly different compared to other cities around the world.

It is known for its zero income tax and diverse culture. It has a flashy nightlife scene and amazing weather. If you are contemplating moving to Dubai, you may be weighing the pros and cons.

Job Opportunity

Many international businesses have their head corporations located in the city of Dubai. There are endless job opportunities for many fields. You can easily research your job availability before moving. Unlike other cities, Dubai is constantly growing, which means more jobs.

There is no income tax in Dubai. You will not be paying a significant amount out of your salary to taxes. You can take this money and invest it in your property, your family, and bettering your overall lifestyle.

Housing Affordability

With the added perk of zero income tax, you will have more money to spend on a home. There are a variety of houses for sale in Dubai designed by well-known architects. As one of the fastest growing cities in the world, the most luxurious properties for sale have scenic waterfront views. You can boost your investment portfolio with a property in one of the best markets worldwide.

If you are looking for a smaller property, a property in a skyscraper, or a property on an island surrounded by palm trees, the Dubai real estate market has a wide range of homes on every budget. You will find comfort in knowing that your property will only increase in value as the UAE is one of the happiest countries in the world. You can move with your family, relocate for a new job, or sell the property for a profit.

British School System

Dubai has amazing schools. If you have young children or a growing family, you may be concerned about the education opportunities. The international schools in Dubai have high education standards. Most international schools follow the National Curriculum of England, IGCSE, and Level-A qualifications.

The schools follow the British education system and values. Your children will greatly benefit from a rigorous education from primary to senior level.

When your student is ready to apply to universities, whether they are located internationally or in Dubai, they will benefit from the British education system. In their years of learning, they will have been prepared for the top schools across the world.