Overseeing all aspects of a superyacht’s operation remains a complicated and multifaceted role, not that different from running a company. The larger the yacht, the more attention the vessel requires. Yacht ownership encompasses everything from daily operations to safety and maintenance and crew and HR, next to flag and regulatory issues. Owners and captains face an ever-shifting seascape with rules and regulations surrounding yacht ownership changing constantly. To ensure the successful running of a superyacht in such an intricate administrative climate, many owners have turned to efficient shore-based support in the form of superyacht management. A leading superyacht management team is expertly trained to understand all the complexities linked to managing a superyacht and offer the best service and support the captain and crew may need. Managing everything from the daily tasks to crewing, tax and budgetary control to complete maintenance, safety and certification of the yacht, a yacht management team ensures owners can take a step back and enjoy their vessel while helping make sure the captain is never overwhelmed by outside tasks.

Controlling the operations of a superyacht is often what makes the role so fulfilling, and many thrive on the challenges that come with the ownership. Ideally, the right superyacht management team or superyacht manager will be able to offer the owner and captain the complete set of tools needed to seamlessly and smoothly manage the vessel, with whatever level of service and support they should require shoreside. The right superyacht manager will preferably already have some experience working on a yacht, either as a captain, deck officer or chief engineer. Understanding and remaining up to date with the regulatory field of managing a yacht requires a certain skill set that is honed while working in the commercial boating industry. However, understanding the difference between the commercial and yachting sectors is key to overseeing all the operational tasks linked to yacht management. The most effective superyacht management teams and managers will also take the time to learn and immerse themselves in a non-invasive way into the unique culture of each yacht. By becoming an extension of the crew onshore, the yacht management team or manager can be sure they can fulfil the exact needs and wishes of the owner and captain.

At the same time, an outstanding yacht management manager should have access to and a deep understanding of the latest industry developments, knowledge and tools to be the most effective in their role. This includes remaining up to date with the frequently changing maritime flag-state and international regulations. Working with a broad range of systems, leading yacht management managers should also work with digital solutions to offer owners and captains direct access to several of the yacht’s main operations. This can range from implementing a live-cloud base system that includes compliance software and planned maintenance software to using financial systems and practical application, auditing and administration of safety, security and maritime employment processes (ISM, ISPS, MLC). As communication, transparency, and trust remain the key pillars to a successful relationship between owners, captains, and superyacht management teams, having complete access to all systems used and regular meetings will only strengthen the relationship.

Superyacht management is more than delegating tasks. By working with an expert superyacht management team, the owner and captain are guaranteed to have more time to enjoy yachting without additional hassles. For more information on superyacht management, visit TWW Yachts today.